Why do Americans care so much about guns? Free speech? Healthcare?

Americans place a high value on their freedoms and fundamental rights guaranteed in the Constitution, a document first adopted for the young country in the late 1700s. Since many of the original founders of this country were fleeing from persecution of one kind or another in their native lands, the rights and privileges set forth in this document (and its subsequent 27 amendments) meant a great deal.

Issues like free speech, the right to bear arms, healthcare, freedom of religion and many other foundational principles can trigger heated and animated discussions among Americans. While some of the discussions and arguments you hear may surprise you, remember that Americans have very different experiences and expectations than most people from countries around the world. U.S. citizens tend to be very passionate about their country, its values and direction. This patriotism can stir up controversial debates and dialog among those with differing opinions of how this country functions, but just as the United States was founded on the principle of democracy, so too these interactions allow Americans to speak their opinions and be heard.

Presidential Election process 


Supreme Court 

Early America 

Slavery and civil rights

Great depression 



Why do Americans care so much about guns? Free speech? Healthcare? 

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