Bathrooms in the U.S.

Whether using a public restroom or one in a private home, always fully close the door to avoid any embarrassing surprises. Only flush toilet paper down the toilet. You should wrap any other personal hygiene items in toilet paper and dispose of them in the trash to avoid clogging the plumbing. Always close the cover on the toilet, if there is one. Avoid splashing water from the sink on the toilet paper roll or on the counter. Wipe up any stray splatters around the toilet or sink with a paper towel, if available.

If you use the last of the toilet paper, replace the roll with a new one, if available.

Full bathrooms have a sink, toilet, tub and/or shower. Half bathrooms only have a sink and toilet. If you are using a full bathroom, please note that the larger towels are considered bath (shower) towels, and the smaller ones are considered hand towels, so if you only use the toilet and need to dry your hands after washing them, use the small towels usually hung within easy reach of the sink. Once you have dried your hands, replace the hand towel where you found it for the next person to use.

When using the shower or bathtub, fully close the glass doors or pull the shower curtain all the way across the opening. This will prevent water from the shower spraying out and around the bathroom, making the floor slippery and wet, or drenching the toilet paper, etc. Many shower curtains consist of both a liner and a decorative or outer curtain. Make sure that the liner stays inside the tub wall and the other curtain stays outside the tub wall. That way when water runs down the liner from the shower head, it will drip into the tub, and the outer curtain will not get wet.

When you have finished your shower, slide the shower curtain open, reach for your towel and dry yourself off as much as possible before stepping out onto the bathmat. Stay on the bathmat to finish drying off to avoid dripping water across the floor. Make sure you leave the shower area clean by wiping down the walls and tub basin with a sponge, if available. Pull at least the inner shower curtain/liner back across the opening so that it can air dry.

If you are staying in the house overnight(s), you will likely have been provided your own towel and washcloth to use. Hang them up to dry once you have finished your bath. Make sure and use the same set every time you shower. Always leave the bathroom neat and tidy, taking your personal items with you, or putting them in their proper places.

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Bathrooms in the U.S.

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