Visa Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What kind of legal documents should I keep?

Keep your passport, 1-20 A/B or I-20ID form, and the 1-94 form. The 1-94 form is a document issued to every student as the arrival and departure record. It is a good idea to make a photocopy of all of these documents and keep them in a safe place should the originals be lost or stolen.

2. What if I transfer to another U.S. university or college?

Students may transfer to another school. They need to notify the current Designated School Official (DSO) for assistance completing the forms needed and counsel about the steps to take in making the transfer.

3. Can I work to support my studies?

Students may accept employment by the university on the campus they are attending (less than 20 hours per week). Students may also qualify for a total of twelve months of paid pre-completion practical training. Be sure to check with your DSO for details.

4.  What happens if I visit my country before finishing my studies?

See your school's DSO for assistance several weeks before you desire to return home to visit. Bring all your legal documents with you while you travel.

5. What happens if I lose my legal documents?

It is important to make a copy of every important document and keep it somewhere safe. Report such a loss to your DSO and the INS office.

6. Can I change my legal status?

Yes, students may change from the FI to F2 or FI to HI (temporary work permit). See your DSO for details as some restrictions apply.


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