Knowing God Personally

Do you know God personally?

This is what the KGP section is all about--Knowing God Personally.

We understand that not everyone wants to know God personally, or even believes that there is a God.

At International Students, Inc. our hope is to introduce you to Jesus. We believe that following Jesus is the best way to know God personally, and we would like to offer you information about how to do this and why this would be a good decision for you to make.

Here you will find answers to important questions like:

We believe that you can know God personally. In fact, we believe that it is God’s strongest desire to have a loving relationship with you.

Some people think it might be difficult to know God, but all that is required are a few important steps to start a relationship with Him.

Together, we hope to provide you with answers to the questions you may have about God—and help you start a personal relationship with Him.

So, please be sure to browse through the articles and audio clips in this KGP section.

And as always, feel free to contact us any time. We would love for you to know God personally today!