Outreach and Technology

Outreach and Technology

Outreach and Technology

Our goal is to innovate and deliver new and improved models for ministry to international students through social media, mobile devices, and the web, increasing our utilization of technology to better tell ISI’s story, to reach students and returnees (international students who have returned to their home countries), to encourage involvement in our ministry efforts, and to train and equip our high-level impact leaders in effective ministry outreach.

Our team is developing new and innovative ways to connect with students online and we are currently creating focused video series trainings for M28 and church volunteers coming in the future!

Unrestricted Project Disclosure
Unrestricted projects are part of International Students, Inc’s (ISI) general operation. If a project is fully funded, gifts will be used where needed most.

I am really happy because I received Christ as my savior. I love him with all my mind, my heart and my soul… I trust him. I feel He loves me so much too.

-Student Testimony


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