Bethany Dickinson


Bethany Dickinson

Campus Staff

West Lafayette, IN

Since joining ISI, I have moved from working with graduate students to wives of students and immigrant residents. My stage of life, as a mother of young children, helps me to reach out to other moms. I currently coordinate an international mom’s mentor group called Titus Time. I encourage older women in the church to share the love of Christ with young international moms through intentional friendship and mentoring. I have been coaching ISI staff candidates through the “Get to know ISI” modules for the past couple years. I enjoy walking along side these women of God as they discern God’s call on their lives.

I love to sing, garden, paint, cook fun ethnic foods, take long walks on the beach (the ones we don’t have in Indiana) ?, run, swim, and just be outside in God’s creation. I am a people person and I am constantly learning and in awe of the love of Christ for me.

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