Tips for international
students living in the U.S.

How to make American

Does my life have purpose?



How do I begin a conversation?
How do I end a conversation?
Am I supposed to look people in the eyes when I speak to them?
These are all things we cover in Conversation tips!

Sometimes, Americans can be
hard to understand. See
American Sayings.



Learn how to register, study, and tips for taking the TOEFL



Visa information
Find out how to obtain
a student visa and other frequently asked questions about the
Visa process.
Culture shock
Did you know that
culture shock is normal? Absolutely!
It is completely normal
to experience.
Finding out how to find an ESL class and about
Conversational English.

Arriving at the airport
What will it be like?  Learn what you may expect when you arrive at the airport in the U.S.       


Visiting an American home

Learn what to expect!

How to get around:
buses, bikes, cars.
Medical care
How to find a doctor and dentist. What to do in an emergency.
Tips: Attending an
American wedding

Tips: Attending an
American funeral


Top 10 things students should be aware of
Learn about things to be cautious of and to be aware of.