Why International Students?

Jesus tells us to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20).  Each year, over 1 million international students attend universities and colleges across the United States. God is bringing the nations to us. These students are among the brightest and best from their nations. Many of them will hold positions of influence in their communities, nations, or even the world after they complete their studies. It is a strategic opportunity for the Body of Christ!

It is estimated that by the year 2025, 50% of all world leaders will have been international students.

Currently, there are over 1.3 million international students studying in the US, and over 4.5 million studying worldwide today. We believe if we can share Christ’s love with even more of these future leaders, we can positively impact the world, and strategically advance the Great Commission.

International students are:

  • Open to friendship
  • Curious about their host culture and customs
  • Often spiritually hungry
  • Often representing many of the least-reached nations of the world
  • Future influencers in their nations and across the world
  • A strategic force for completing the Great Commission

Find out how ISI can assist your church to help fulfill the Great Commission—without passports or visas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of support and collaboration does ISI provide?

ISI staff can provide connections to international students, equipping, cross-cultural training, and mentoring so that a church-based team can become directly involved at the local college or university.

What opportunities are there for my church to get involved?

ISI is not a homestay agency. Most opportunities involve serving and caring for international students. ISI staff will come alongside your church to help determine opportunities that fit best for your congregation.

What is the cost of collaborating with ISI?

ISI does not charge any fees for its role in helping your church.

What kinds of churches does ISI collaborate with?

ISI is a non-denominational ministry that partners with a wide variety of churches. If you have a heart for international students or want to explore the possibility of your collaboration with ISI, we’d love to talk with you. You can find out more about our mission, beliefs, principles, and vision here.