Careers at ISI

When available positions are posted here, you may fax or e-mail your resume and cover letter to: People Services at 719-538-4910 (fax) or email to

Campus Staff

Are you eager to work directly with students from around the world on college and university campuses in your community? Has God gifted you with the skills to impact the Kingdom cross-culturally?

The Campus Staff member is someone who loves international students and has a desire to see them know Christ and be discipled for His service. This is the most fundamental ministry position within International Students, Inc. It may also be the most challenging, because our Campus Staff experience many of the joys and risks common to missionaries the world over.

Consider the wide array of skills and talents needed, ranging from being a serious student of the Word of God and having a strong knowledge of world religions, to having the ability to win friends, influence, and lead volunteers, and to cultivate the loyalty of university officials. The great privilege of winning souls for Christ on U.S. campuses—along with its challenges—requires that the Campus Staff member be, above all, a person of deep and consistent prayer. Campus Staff also must have excellent organizational skills and a willingness to seek out and involve U.S. volunteers.

City/Area Mobilizer

Does your heart yearn to see God’s church reach out in Christ’s love to the strangers in our midst? Has God blessed you with leadership gifts that motivate and move others to action?

The City or Area Mobilizer is the most visible representative of International Students, Inc. in an area and is our advance representative to area churches and volunteers. This vital contact person needs heavy doses of tact, discernment, team development skills, and an outstanding ability to train and organize volunteers into strong evangelistic/discipleship teams.

Ministry Representative

The Ministry Representative is a volunteer who works directly under the supervision of a local staff member. His or her work ranges from direct ministry and evangelism to roles that assist the ministry’s efforts to mobilize and train volunteers in local churches.

The term for this role may be limited or open-ended in length. Ministry Representatives are permitted to raise funds for reimbursable ministry expense purposes, but not for a salary. Attendance at International Students, Inc’s NSO (New Staff Orientation) is encouraged, but not required. A written recommendation for this role is required from either a Home Office or a Field Staff member. An application will be sent upon completion of the Inquiry Form.

The benefit to you of this “super volunteer” role is that you will receive all the networking privileges of our staff, excellent ministry training, discounted resources at staff rates, and invitations/reduced rates to all our training and conference events. Your official association with our organization’s sterling history of international student ministry may also provide you access to international students on campus which would not be afforded you otherwise. Further, a ministry account may be established for the purpose of tax-deductible donations for your reimbursable ministry expenses, should you desire.