Campus Staff

Are you eager to work directly with students from around the world on college and university campuses in your community? Has God gifted you with the skills to impact the Kingdom cross-culturally?


The Campus Staff member is someone who loves international students and has a desire to see them know Christ and be discipled for His service. This is the most fundamental ministry position within International Students, Inc. It may also be the most challenging, because our Campus Staff experience many of the joys and risks common to missionaries the world over.

Consider the wide array of skills and talents needed, ranging from being a serious student of the Word of God and having a strong knowledge of world religions, to having the ability to win friends, influence, and lead volunteers, and to cultivate the loyalty of university officials. The great privilege of winning souls for Christ on U.S. campuses—along with its challenges—requires that the Campus Staff member be, above all, a person of deep and consistent prayer. Campus Staff also must have excellent organizational skills and a willingness to seek out and involve U.S. volunteers.

A profile of the duties includes:

Ministry to International Students: 
Campus Staff work with a local team to locate international students on campuses and to develop and implement a strategy to reach and disciple those students with the Gospel of Jesus.

Mobilizing American Volunteers: 
Campus Staff also work with campus ministry team members to train and equip volunteers of local churches and to promote and coordinate the International Students, Inc. ministry through churches and other ministry partnership organizations.

Diplomat and Relationship Builder:
The Campus Staff member is the leader in establishing critical relationships with International Student Advisors and university/college authorities, who are often the gatekeepers to the international student body. Without winning the trust and loyalty of these all-important officials, access to international students on campus is often limited. Therefore, outstanding people skills, diplomacy, and an overriding servant attitude must be prevalent in Campus Staff for this critical duty.

Are you challenged by the above? Do you feel these questions describe your passion and abilities? If so, God may be calling you to be Campus Staff with International Students, Inc. and to share in one of the most strategic and replicating forms of world missions available to the U.S. church today!