How can I be healthy and fit?

How can I be healthy and fit?

How can I be healthy and fit?

Staying healthy takes effort. As students, we are busy and sometimes our own health isn’t our top priority. Make health a priority in your life by concentrating on these areas:

Eat healthy foods In the United States, we have an overabundance of food and not all of it is healthy for us. It is important to make healthy choices each day as we decide what to eat. Limit the amount of fast food you eat and try to eat fruits and vegetables each day. It is also important to limit sugary drinks and choose water instead.

Exercise Physical activity is an important part of staying healthy. Try to get some sort of physical exercise each day. Find a type of exercise you enjoy hiking, cycling, racquetball, weightlifting, walking…the list is endless! When we enjoy exercise, we make it more of a priority. When studying becomes hard, try a brief walk outside. It will refresh your body and your brain too!

Sleep Getting enough sleep is a challenge while working on your education, but it is essential! Adequate sleep is important for performing well in your studies and paying attention during class. When your body is rested, you will feel better and your grades will reflect that.

God knows everything about us, and He designed our bodies to perform at their best when they are healthy and strong.

Author: amcdowellisi

Media Coordinator