Meet Our President


Seng Tan – President, International Students, Inc.

Dr. See Seng Tan is President of International Students Inc. (ISI). A citizen of Singapore, Seng was an international student in the United States. He joined ISI staff after graduate school in 1999 and worked with international students at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. He re-joined ISI in 2019, serving in his present capacity. Called to global cross-cultural outreach as an undergraduate and having participated actively in short-term missions in Europe and Southeast Asia over the years, Seng’s current stint with ISI is a continuation of his ongoing engagement in world missions. He sees his God-given role as helping the Church rise and shine such that nations and kings—the world’s best and brightest and its future leaders and captains of industry—will be drawn to the light of the Lord (Isaiah 60:1-3). A passionate teacher of God’s word, Seng has also been actively involved in the areas of worship and discipleship. Trained as a political scientist, Seng taught international relations at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore; his latest books include The Responsibility to Provide in Southeast Asia: Towards an Ethical Explanation (2019) and The Legal Authority of ASEAN as a Security Institution (2019). For many years an elder at Bedok Methodist Church in Singapore, Seng and his family now worship at New Life Church in Colorado Springs. He is married to Trina, one of Singapore’s top realtors, and they have a daughter, Elisabeth.