Ministry Representatives

Ministry Representatives

The Ministry Representative is a person who may be both a volunteer and a Friendship Partner®, but who works directly under the supervision of local ISI staff. Their work ranges from direct ministry and evangelism with students to support roles assisting assisting ISI’s efforts to mobilize and train Americans in local churches.

The term for Ministry Representatives may be limited or open-ended in length. He or she is permitted to raise funds for reimbursable ministry expense but not salary. Attendance at ISI’s New Staff Training is encouraged but not required. A written recommendation is required from either a Home Office or Field Staff member. An application for Ministry Representative will be sent upon completion of the Ministry Inquiry Form and a phone call by an ISI Recruitment representative.

The benefit of this “super volunteer” role for you, is that you will receive all the networking privileges of ISI’s staff, staff discounts, and invitations to all ISI training and conferences at reduced rates. Further, a ministry account may be established for the purpose of tax-deductible donations for your reimbursable ministry expenses, should you desire.

A profile of Ministry Representative duties includes:

Friendship Partner®: The Ministry Representative for ISI will include opportunities to serve as a “friend” to international students using the format explained in the ISI training manual for the Friendship Partner® ministry. This will expose the individual to significant opportunities to share the unconditional love of Christ with international students on a very relational level. Competency in cross-cultural communication will be a key to effectiveness.

Assisting Local ISI Staff: ISI utilizes the services of Ministry Representatives only where there is already a local ISI staff person or team. Responsibilities may be as varied as the needs of international students and the opportunities of the local ministry strategy. Frequently, this includes assisting the weekly ICF (International Christian Fellowship) program on campus, leading an investigative or discipleship Bible study, coordinating the host-family program for a church, or serving as a conversational English partner to a student.


How do you know if the Ministry Representative role would be a fit for you? Ask yourself these important questions:

  • Am I drawn to initiate relationships with visitors from other cultures?
  • Am I driven by a desire to see others reached with the Gospel of Jesus?
  • Do I know about and respect other cultures and their religious beliefs?
  • Am I energized by serving on a “team” that befriends international students, leads them into a relationship with Jesus Christ, and disciples them for service?

If you answered “yes” to these questions and the above profile fits you, there is a strong possibility you will feel successful and fulfilled in the role of Ministry Representative for ISI. We invite you to consider becoming a vital part of one of the most strategic and replicating forms of world missions today.

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