Module 10

The Disciple Maker’s Lifestyle (M28)


ISI’s M28 Global Discipleship model is designed to equip new disciples of Jesus to become disciple-makers. Here’s, briefly, how M28 works.

Becoming a life-long disciple-maker is not about following a program, it is about living a disciple-making lifestyle. We invite you to take the next step toward becoming a disciple-maker by engaging in ISI’s M28 disciple-making series.

  • Jesus gave His disciples (and us) the command to go into all the world and make disciples of all people.
  • ISI’s M28 Global Discipleship is designed to help believers become life-long disciples of Jesus and equips them to be disciple-makers of other disciples.
  • The M28 disciple-making model is Biblical, simple, and reproducible in any culture.
  • In the M28 “truth discovery” approach, students are able to discover life-changing truth for themselves without a teacher and without prior Bible knowledge. This empowers students to trust God’s Word and the Holy Spirit to lead them to life-changing truth and to become followers of Jesus Christ.

What is the process?

  • We go to where international students are (where they live, study, and gather).
  • We begin and sustain our international student outreach efforts by prayer.
  • We look for ways to bless students through our words and actions. This demonstrates the love of Christ.
  • We share God’s eternal truth with students by inviting them to join an M28 Bible Discovery discussion group.
  • We encourage students to share what they are learning about God’s Truth and His love with others.

Lesson Resources

M28 Global Discipleship

You can download the M28 truth discovery app titled “God Story” (Apple App Store) or “God’s Story” (Google Play Store).