Module 2

How to Reach International Students


Reaching international students with the love and message of Jesus Christ is best done in the context of an authentic, unconditional relationship. In this environment, friendship grows, mutual trust is built, and faith is naturally lived out and shared.


  • Prayer is our starting point.
  • Prayer opens doors of opportunity that we might see a movement of God.
  • Prayer opens hearts to God’s work as we pray over our campuses.
  • Prayer mobilizes God’s people as our team prays together.

Reach Out

  • Discover where they live and hang out.
  • Be an observer of their interests and needs.
  • Take initiative to engage with them.

Build Friendships

  • Show them you care.
  • Be curious about them–their family, culture, and personal story.
  • Ask relevant questions and listen to learn.
  • Be committed and consistent in your friendship with them.

Extend Hospitality

  • Invite them into your home.
  • Take them to a grocery store that carries their native food.
  • Meet real needs.

Lesson Resources

Get-to-Know-You Questions:
– What are your interests?
– Who are the people/events that have most influenced your life, and how?
– What are your hopes/dreams?
– What are your biggest challenges/struggles?
– What do you believe is your purpose/destiny?
– Do you believe there is a God who loves you and has a plan for your life? If not, would you like to?

Conversation Starters