Module 3

Outreach Ideas


International students have left their countries, families, and friends to pursue their academic careers, and will make new friends while studying abroad. This is our opportunity to show them the love of Christ through genuine friendship.

There are unlimited and creative ways to meet and begin to develop authentic friendships with international students in your area.

Here are some suggestions:

  • The Holy Spirit can help you find creative ways to show God’s love and bless international students in your community.
  • Look for ways to build bridges of trust and friendship with international students.
  • Look for creative ways to bless and befriend international students, such as:
    • Pick them up from the airport when they arrive in town.
    • Take new arrivals to their campus and give them a tour to familiarize them with their new environment.
    • Show them places in the community that would interest them.
    • Take them to grocery stores that would carry food familiar to them.
    • Help them find the necessary housewares and furniture for their living space.
    • Invite them over for a meal.
    • Introduce them to seasonal and cultural events in your area.
    • Invite them to weekend outings or retreats. Be sure to inform them what will be taking place, and never surprise or pressure them to attend.
    • Help them practice English if they would like that.
    • Include them in family activities, meals, or trips.
    • Help them connect with a mentor in their field of study or interest.

Lesson Resources

Go HERE for more ideas designed for outreach with international students.