Module 4

Home Groups


Home Groups are an ideal place to show hospitality to international students, engage in life-on-life conversations, and share the love of Christ in practical ways.

These are regular in-home gatherings that are rich with warmth, care, and a great place to share the love and message of Jesus Christ. Many international students are coming to faith in Christ through Home Groups. Sadly, it is estimated that up to 75% of international students are never invited into an American home. Help us change this.

  • Students feel welcome and safe in Home Groups, which provide a great space to be “family,” to share a meal and talk about life, hopes, dreams, struggles, and faith.
  • These are life on life communities to encourage them, honor them, learn about them, as well as share about your own life and faith.
  • Home Groups are an ideal place to pray for students, for their families, and to share truth from God’s Word in a non-threatening, conversational way.
  • Home Groups are where discipleship and disciple-making are powerfully modeled and passed on.