Module 7

The Power of Story


In this module you will discover how to use the power of story to communicate God’s life-changing truths and life-transforming work, with international students.

Stories are a powerful way to share our experiences, pass on cultural values, and communicate spiritual truths. No one can argue with your story. It is unique to you. Sharing your story can open the door for you to share God’s story.

  • Our hearts are moved by stories.  As you grow in your ability to tell God’s story, students will want to know more about God.
  • Let them see God is real to you.
  • In many cultures, it is assumed that you embrace the religion into which you were born.  Personal choice is not a consideration.

As you share your story, be sure to include:

  • What your life was like BEFORE Jesus came into your life.
  • WHY and HOW you became a follower of Jesus.
  • WHAT your life has been like WITH Jesus as Lord of your life.

Lesson Resources

Testimony Outline