Module 8

Decision Time & Follow-Up


For international students, deciding to become a follower of Jesus Christ often comes with significant opposition and personal risk. This module will explain how you can help them count the cost, and become a Christ follower.

As students are exposed to the love and message of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit will be prompting them to make their decision regarding Christ. Will they follow Him or not? We can help them through this process.

  • Pray that students’ hearts would be receptive to the love and message of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray that the enemy would not be able to steal the seed of God’s Word/Truth from their hearts.
  • Help students count the cost of becoming a disciple (follower) of Jesus.
  • Explain to them that God is inviting them to become His child—to leave the kingdom of darkness and enter the kingdom of light (God’s Kingdom).
  • Help them understand that the enemy of God will do everything to keep them from leaving his kingdom of darkness. Often it is through negative thoughts, confusing thoughts, or fearful thoughts the he puts into our minds.
  • This decision is about surrendering their entire lives (hopes, ambitions, and future destiny) over to God.
  • They will have the privilege of being God’s messengers to people they know and meet.