Calen Thomas


Calen Thomas

City Mobilizer

San Fransisco, CA

Calen and his wife Sheryl enjoy learning about new cultures, meeting new people, eating international foods, camping, fishing, gardening, traveling and snow skiing. Sheryl is an avid reader.

Calen is working as City Mobilizer in San Francisco; networking hundreds of international Students together with church volunteers. He enjoys students and our wonderful volunteers who come from a variety of professions and over 40 churches.

Calen’s interest in working with international students started after living in Sendai, Japan after college. There, Calen taught English for a couple of years. Afterwards, he traveled around the world visiting Korea, Thailand, Nepal, Philippines, India, Europe and other countries. He has an undergrad degree in accounting and have worked as regional Accounting Manager and Controller for national conservation organizations for years prior to beginning with ISI. Calen has received his Master of Divinity — concentration in Intercultural Studies from Gateway Seminary, San Francisco Campus.

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