Dawn Dorning


Dawn Dorning

Ministry Representative

Madison, WI


Dawn’s love for people from other countries goes back to her high school and college days, where she spent a lot of free time with internationals. This continued as she went to work for an international computer software company, employing people from all over the world. The company also gave her the opportunity to work and live in several different countries.

Her desire to leave the computer work force and enter full-time ministry grew when she took seminary classes to earn a Certificate of Christian Leadership. Dawn realized that her ministry passion is forming relationships with people, especially internationals, no matter where she is or where she lives, evangelizing and discipling, and organizing events for them. Dawn enjoys the internationals in her life, but finds greatest joy comes from befriending and ministering to internationals that are new to this country.

Upon having their first child, Dawn became a Ministry Representative with ISI and have remained such since 2002. This role allows her greater flexibility in involvement, responsibilities and time invested in ministering to international students plus allows her to balance ministry and her full-time job of mothering. As a Ministry Representative with ISI, she does not draw a salary but only raises funds for direct ministry expenses, a necessity if she is to continue in ministry to internationals.

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