Dawn Dorning


Dawn Dorning

Ministry Representative

Madison, WI


Ever since my college days, I have loved spending time with people from other countries. I also lived overseas in Europe, and have traveled extensively around Europe and Asia. I enjoy the internationals in my life but find my greatest joy comes from befriending and ministering to internationals who are new to the USA. This discovery led me to a full-time staff position in 1999 with International Students Inc. (ISI) in Boston, Massachusetts. We have since moved to the Madison, Wisconsin area. Upon having our first child, I became a Ministry Representative with ISI and have remained such since 2002. This role allows greater flexibility as I balance ministry and personal life.

As a Ministry Representative, I am a volunteer and I do not draw a salary but only raise funds to cover direct ministry expenses, a necessity if I am to continue ministering to internationals.

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