Tim and Elisa Skinner


Tim and Elisa Skinner

Campus Staff

Palmdale, CA

Tim and Elisa work in the Los Angeles area, where University of Southern California has over 17,000 international students. They volunteered in international student ministry before joining International Students Inc. (ISI). Both have a passion for missions.

Elisa served with SIM as a church planter among Muslims in the Philippines and with Frontier Ventures as National Administrator for Intensive Study of Integrated Global History and Theology (INSIGHT). Elisa, a naturalized U.S. citizen from the Philippines and a Certified Public Accountant, uses her accounting and relational skills in missions. After two terms with SIM, she earned an MA in Christian Education at Columbia International University. She has enjoyed working with international students, whether in Los Angeles, CA, or Columbia, SC.

Tim, as an M.Div. student majoring in Bible and Church history/Missions, volunteered in agricultural mission among Karens in Thailand. At Kansas State University some international students addressed a card to him, “To the best friend of international students.” For his Master of Theology he used his biology, history, and library training for his thesis on leprosy missions in Thailand. As a reference librarian, Tim enjoys helping people find what they are looking for. Tim worked in Frontier Ventures’ INSIGHT program and Perspectives, using research skills in missions education. He has created hundreds of one-sheet guides to literature on subjects across the board, especially regarding missions, expressing his belief that Jesus is Lord of all creation.

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