I Don’t Like Tupperware

I Don’t Like Tupperware

I Don’t Like Tupperware

I don’t like Tupperware! You know…those plastic food storage containers…. If you put tomato soup in one of them, they will be stained red for good, and eventually you end up needing to throw them away. They just can’t be cleaned out.

Ezekiel 24:1-14 (NLT) compares the sins of Jerusalem to a cooking pot that becomes too dirty. “Now this is what the Sovereign Lord says: What sorrow awaits Jerusalem, the city of murderers! She is a cooking pot whose corruption can’t be cleaned out…” (v. 6).

This is what sin does to our lives. It slowly corrupts us and leaves us needing a good scrubbing clean. In this chapter, Ezekiel has a stern warning for Jerusalem’s corruption and unwillingness to be cleansed by the Lord. Eventually, Jerusalem is left sitting in its own filth.

It is so easy to see the corruption in our world, our country, our city—even in our friends and families. Social media is full of this. But am I paying enough attention to the corruption in my own life? Am I getting so dirty that I’m no longer letting God cleanse me?

The Lord is ready to cleanse us if we just let Him. We are called to a life of humility and repentance before the Lord. I encourage you to do this often so that you can be cleansed through the saving grace of Jesus.

By the way, it is time for us to throw out the dirty, stained Tupperware in our kitchen cabinets and in our own hearts! Splurge, get a new clean set of Tupperware—try the glass kind this time!

Together in Christ!


Author: amcdowellisi

Media Coordinator