24/7 Prayer

24/7 Prayer Sign-up Now Open!

Join the movement by going to  https://24-7prayer4ism.org to sign up for your times to pray during the 24/7 Prayer for ISM, August 7-14, 2022.

Bookmark this website and refer to often to get updates, resources and blogs as well as signing up for your times to pray.

You may sign up for one hour each day (or as often as you’d like). Then just pray in these ways:

•          On your own

•          Join the Zoom Prayer Room

•          Share the website and the promo video to Invite volunteers, donors, friends, Christian students (including alumni back home), and other ministry partners to pray along with you at a set hour or to sign up themselves for an hour-long slot.

We want this week to be a time when we start the new year by blanketing international student ministry all over the world in concerted prayer. There will also be an opportunity for you to post key prayer requests so others may pray along with you.

Sign up to participate, invite others to join and then watch God move in answer to our prayers!

For more info contact: isi247prayer@isionline.org