Brian and Beth Cordell


Brian and Beth Cordell

Brian: City Director
Beth: City Mobilizer – Lincoln, NE

  • Our past missionary service has helped us understand the challenges of integrating into a new culture.
  • Our long involvement with campus ministry includes InterVarsity and Christian Student Fellowship (in Nebraska and Minnesota); Since our undergraduate days, we have led Bible studies for students in every community where we have resided.
  • Our volunteer experience with ISI has given us great insight into the hearts of international students.
  • Brian has led teams for most of his working career. He has studied both business and theology at the graduate level and is committed to following the leading of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit to participate in fruitful ministry
  • Beth has a deep understanding of the issues of living in a foreign culture. Her interest in language began with Kiswahili studies in Minnesota. Beth now has several years of experience in teaching ESL and working with language learners of all ages, including grade school children in China, adult learners with limited education, and international students.
  • We have been commissioned by our church (First Christian in Norfolk, Nebraska) to lead the outreach of God’s grace to international students in Lincoln, NE.

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