Kerry and Josie Sinclair


Kerry and Josie Sinclair

Kerry: City Director, Portland
Josie: Campus Staff

Portland, OR

Josie is originally from Iloilo, Philippines, where she obtained her B.S.N. degree from Central Philippine University. She has taught and practiced nursing in both the U.S. and Philippines. While in the Philippines she also served as a staff worker with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. She later earned a Partners in Ministry Certificate from Western Seminary.

Kerry grew up in Ashland, Oregon, and has spent his adult life in Seattle and Portland. He completed a B.S. in Biblical Studies (minoring in Intercultural Studies) at Multnomah University, followed by an M.A. in Exegetical Theology from Western Seminary.

After being involved as ISI volunteers, both joined ISI in October 2002 with the title of Campus Staff. In November 2004, Kerry became ISI’s Portland City Director.

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